Fantasy Garden -  1000 Piece Puzzle

Fantasy Garden - 1000 Piece Puzzle

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Fantasy Garden #7 by Nidhi Mariam Jacob

  • Puzzle dimensions: 19 x 26 inches
  • Box dimensions: 10 x 8 x 2 inches
  • Piece count: 1000
  • Nidhi Marian Jacob is an independent artist, muralist, and art teacher from Bangalore, India. Her stunning floral designs are infused with the rich memories of her childhood - a Haliconia bunch, wild Lantana, or a Banyan tree all lend their influence to the magical realism of her inspired botanical creations. An artist since childhood, she strives to create beyond the limits of what we are able to see, drawing on the real, the imagined, and the felt as pillars of her paintings. Being inside nature - surrounded by it - and feeling close to the earth's soil is a grounding force in both her life and work. Jacob dreams a garden, and wakes to create it.

    Apostrophe Puzzles is a Brooklyn based jigsaw company creating a space in the puzzle industry that actively champions the work of contemporary artists of color. They are a Black-owned, woman-led, and working to contribute to a culture of art consumerism that is accessible and sustainable for all. 

    Their puzzles and packaging are responsibly made and environmentally sustainable, consisting of 100% recycled chipboard, eco-friendly, non-toxic ink, and recyclable plastic wrapping.