Exotic Dahlia  Irish Donkey Milk Soap

Exotic Dahlia Irish Donkey Milk Soap

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Donkey milk has long been famed for its benefits to both skin and health in general. The Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra, was known to keep 700 donkeys which were milked so she could take baths in donkey milk each day. The milk itself is very gentle and moisturizing on the skin and also a natural exfoliant. Donkey soap, using cosmetic clay for color and exfoliation, has long been valued a natural cleanser and moisturizer. 

Exotic Dahlia Donkey Milk Soap is handmade in the heart of the Leitrim countryside in Ireland. This beautiful floral soap with honey at its base and top is made of donkey milk,  white kaolin cosmetic clay, and scented with honey and lily essential oils.