Vintage Golf Shaft Umbrella

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Those old clubs, the kind found in every attic, basement and garage, given one more chance to drive a smile.  After the club heads were removed to craft bottle openers, the steel club shafts have been transformed into unique umbrellas.  Guaranteed conversation-starter on the links.

  • Shafts feature "taper tips" with stepping pattern that is integral to the club's balance and torque, 
  • Rain, wind & sun resistant.
  • Quality canopy mechanism with tie closure.  Canopy 35% cotton, 65% polyester.
  • 48" open, spread over rugged fiberglass ribs.
  • 36" long
  • Gift boxed with certificate of authenticity.

    Scotland is credited with inventing the game of golf in the 15th century. In that era, golf heads were made from beech, holly, pear or apple bark, and shafts were constructed from ash or hazelwood. In the 19th century, golf came to the US and players used twenty to thirty wooden clubs for various functions. As the sport became more popular in the States in the early twentieth century, persimmon became the wood of choice for golfers worldwide and groove-faced irons were introduced. Simultaneously, shafts transitioned from hickory to being made of steel. In 1939, official regulations established the maximum of fourteen clubs per bag. In the early 1990s, the stainless steel-headed driver was introduced, forcing the wood-headed drivers into storage from which we salvage them.