Off the Dock Luminaries

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Modgy Luminary Lanterns set the mood in any space with the addition of water and water-activated, floating LED candles. These durable, plastic luminaries feature modern, graphic designs and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Modgy luminaries compliment an elegant wedding, trendy dinner party or relaxed patio gathering and are also perfect for every day living. Modgy Luminary Lanterns will not break or chip and eliminate concerns about fire hazards due to the use of flameless, floating candles.

-4 lanterns and LED candles included

What’s the difference between a canoe and a kayak? The canoe is an open-topped vessel that is very stable and large enough to accommodate two or three people. Dating back to 8200 BCE, canoes of various kinds where used all over the world by indigenous peoples.

Kayaks are enclosed, paddled by one person, and are faster and more agile due to the smaller shape and double-bladed paddles. Originating in Greenland approximately 5000 years ago, they were largely used for hunting and fishing by the Inuit and Aleuts.

Both crafts are great for any body of water, but which to choose? Canoes are great if you’re carrying a lot of gear, a kid or two, and a dog. But if you prefer to zip along solo, the lightweight kayak is a speedy alternative and quick to learn.