Teresa Cook

The Cummer Museum’s Concourse Art Shop welcomes Northeast Florida artist, Teresa Cook. Born and raised in Jacksonville, Cook is a self-taught abstract architectural watercolorist who received her BFA from the University of North Florida and now teaches widely throughout the community.

Cook’s Women’s Movement, like the sporting attire exhibited in Sporting Fashion: Outdoor Girls 1800 to 1960, delves into the dynamic evolution of women's clothing and its profound link to the women's rights movement of the mid-19th century. Her art celebrates the courage of women who challenged norms and reflects the transformative period that laid the foreground for today's empowered woman.

“Through my watercolor art, characterized by fluid lines and vibrant hues,” says Cook, “each brushstroke captures the essence of the women’s movement, emphasizing the vital cultural effects that resonate on both small and large scales. I invite you to appreciate women’s history and acknowledge the strides shaping our present.”