Cream Felt Wrap

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This light and bright scarf, from Pomegranate Moon, is made with sheer silky chiffon, broken up with felted design.

Pomegranate Moon is a fair trade, socially responsible company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are dedicated to providing quality handmade fashion accessories, while increasing benefits for artisans in Nepal. Encouraging the preservation of traditional craft processes and promoting environmentally sustainable practices is an important aspect of their mission. This project also provides a means for women to lift themselves and their families out of poverty, while building self esteem, pride, and confidence. 

Most of their handmade scarves are created using the nuno felting process. Very small amount of merino wool are carefully placed on recycled silk, chiffon, or cotton. The materials are heated, soaped, and scrubbed; causing the wool fibers to migrate through the weave of the cloth and bond together creating garments that are lightweight and drape beautifully on the body. They also use the traditional wet felted technique, the oldest form of fabric making.