Gail Beveridge

The Cummer Museum's Concourse Art Shop welcomes award-winning sculptor and painter, Gail Beveridge.

As the American frontier was replaced by ever-expanding development, the first generation of American landscape artists encouraged a nation to appreciate the beauty and importance of nature. Inspired by such artists, many of whom are represented in American Made: Paintings and Sculpture from the DeMell Jacobsen Collection, Beveridge, who is based in St. Augustine, paints the rich and varied landscape of Northeast Florida. In A Symphony of Nature, she hopes to connect the viewer to these special places and nurture an understanding of their significance in our world. 

"Nature is like a symphony in all its harmonious and discordant complexity. Its seasons recall the four movements in a musical composition and its weather patterns relate to the music's tempo," says Beveridge. "Nature is a rich collection of symphonic magnificence."