Susan Davenport Ober

The Cummer Museum's Concourse Art Shop welcomes Northeast Florida artist, Susan Davenport Ober and her Floral Awakenings. While flowers have been artist's subjects for centuries, Ober makes the viewer see them in a new way. Her intimate portraits draw us in, enticing us with the secrets concealed in their furled petals. 

Ober, who is based in Jacksonville but has a following across the Southeast, savors the continual discoveries she makes as she paints:

"Often the blossoms I paint are closing, but they have so much more to say. They have passed their moment of perfect prime in nature's schedule, but they have only begun to speak of the joyous glow of light and color, of the inner essence and individuality. The blossoms continue to evolve- wilting, wrinkling, restating their own shapes into forms only (and ever) more eloquent. Light passing through them creates shadows that echo colors and reveal the variations that have made each blossom newly different. I hope my paintings, in their singularity, may offer a counterpoint that leads visitors to the magnificent experience of Rebecca Louise Law's The Journey."