Roll-Up Travel Backgammon Set

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This leather travel backgammon game rolls up to the size of a pocket umbrella (10 x 2”). Great for travel or the home! Keep the game in the RV or boat. Where will you take your game? Whether relaxing on the beach, at the campsite, or at the hotel lounge, you can play backgammon almost anywhere -- and with style.

When the game’s over, store the dice, doubling cube, and both sets of 15 playing stones in the zippered pocket. When rolled up, the size is 10 x 2”. Open the game and the board is full-sized at 10 x 12-2/3”.

All playing pieces neatly fit in the zippered pocket for easy and reliable storage and transport. Playing pieces are 2cm in diameter (about the size of a penny).

Product Details:

- Dimensions: Rolled up 10 x 2 inches and unrolled 10 x 12 2/3 inches.

- Material: Leather and suede

- Weighs less than 1/2  a pound.

- Hand-sewn