Olivia Gonzalez, Garage Roses

Olivia is a self-taught painter and palette knife pro from Jacksonville Florida.  

She loves to sculpt, and she loves to paint, and she has created a way to blend those two passions together and as she likes to say '“Lived Happily Ever After!”

She begins with a heavy bodied acrylic base and builds up her work with sand, joint compound and paper pulp which gives her amazing sculptability and texture! She uses a collection of paint knives and brushes and layers in the paint little by little as she works- shaping thoughts into things and creating vibrant happy beautiful artwork you can look at and touch, and that hopefully touches you.

She LOVES to repurpose her abandoned studio supplies!  Instead of throwing away her old brushes, caps and paint rags, miscellaneous found items or paint skins from her palette- she keeps them all and just loves being able to give them new life, often incorporating them into her paintings. 

Olivia's focus in the last several years has been deep impasto sculptural artwork that evokes warmth and happiness through color and invites touch. Art that is thoughtful and sparks nostalgia and imagination. Each piece playful, feminine and one of a kind. A storybook without words- daydreams and feelings shaped into tangible things.

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