Alpaca Floral Beanie

Alpaca Floral Beanie

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This floral intarsia beanie style hat is warm and beautiful with details of flora and with lots of color.  Knit in 100% Alpaca.  Hand wash cold water, mild soap, lay flat to dry.  Fair Trade from Peru.

One size fits most.  

The Alpaca is a gentle grazing animal related to the llama and found in the Andes Mountains of Peru, Chile and Bolivia. Alpaca hair is of such an exquisite nature that in Incan times only royalty was allowed to wear clothing made from the fiber. Some of the key attributes of Alpaca:

  • More than twice as warm as sheep's wool
  • Three times stronger than sheep's wool
  • Water resistant
  • Excellent wrinkle resistance
  • Incredibly soft and resilient...even more so than cashmere
  • Elevated color brightness due to its natural luster
  • Semi-hollow fiber that gives it unusual thermal warmth
  • Unlike sheep's wool there is no lanolin and therefore less allergenic